Weekend in San Francisco

Friday night I boarded a plane to San Francisco to visit my younger daughter and her partner, who live in the city.  Fun, relaxing weekend.  It rained most of the time I was there, except for our touristy “Sunset Bay Cruise” on Saturday night, which was really delightful.  Most of the photos are from that cruise.  The cruise offers a moving vista of the bay and its skyscrapers, bridges, parks, neighborhoods, marinas, maritime industries, hills, and morbid history (Alcatraz and Angel islands).  The on-board entertainment (two live singer/guitarists) was high quality but charmingly informal.  A proposal/engagement happened right before our eyes and of course we all celebrated, even though we didn’t know the young couple. Passengers receive a free glass of wine and an abundant buffet of light fare, including sandwiches. Of course, since we were in San Francisco, we went out to eat twice on Sunday (brunch and dinner).  We also stayed IN and played Bananagrams a lot, and watched two episodes of the stunning series Life that Allison and Peter had stored on their TIVO.

It’s good to be back in Seattle, though.  I always marvel how handy the airport is here, yet how peaceful and quiet it is. Our cottage guests are always surprised at the restfulness of Soundview.