This is OUR watch!

How do you feel when people criticize the government, politicians, and “the system” – but don’t do anything – not even vote? Would you like to have a positive influence on the world we’re leaving to our children?  I would!

Photo by Brett Fish

So I went to a community “town hall” meeting the other night, where my Congressman Adam Smith was answering questions and opinions from his voters.  I like him.  A thoughtful Democrat.  Co-sponsor of both the Fair Elections Now Act and the new Disclose Act.

Here I am gathering signatures on a petition for clean elections.  My friend Jean and I have been on the Board of Washington Public Campaigns for several years.  I’m really lucky to have the time, now that I’m semi-retired,  to get involved in these activities.

In 2004,  when my younger daughter was 20, we went to Washington, DC, to join the Women’s March.  What a thrill!  1.2 million people in support of a woman’s right to make up her mind. Here’s an aerial photo of all of us jamming the mall.

I burn biodiesel in my oil furnace in my home because I’m an environmentalist.  The cottage has efficient, quiet Convect-Air wall heaters.

Several times a week, I tutor refugee kids as a volunteer, helping them learn a new language, a new alphabet.  To read from left to right.  It’s so hard for some of them.  They’re fresh from Latin America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia.  One’s from Iraq, via Jordan.  How brave they are!  They’re so grateful for help.

I’ve been a member of South End Neighbors for Peace & Justice since I moved to Burien five years ago.  We raise money for Afghan schools, we vigil for peace on “our” street corner (1st & 148th), we register voters, and we get together twice a month for a potluck supper and good friendship. Here’s a booth we hosted at the Burien Strawberry Festival last year.  My peace buddy June turned 90 today – what a role model!

If I didn’t “read” the news every morning (online), and learn about events and issues, if I didn’t try to promote my beliefs while respecting the opinions of others, if I just decided to “sit it out,” I would feel rather useless.  I’m glad I live in a country where I can try to make a difference.

This is the only watch we’ll have on Spaceship Earth, Folks.  It’s up to us.  For the sake of our children, stand up.  Get involved.