New Kitchen! New Kitchen!

There’s a brand new kitchen in the cottage!  New appliances, new custom cabinets, new counter-tops with charming accent tiles, each one a different seashell. I found them online at The Tile Mural Store – in Florida.  And somehow, more space, more cabinets, and a wider passageway!  A very gratifying result.  I think guests will really enjoy it.

My wonderful builders, the Bleitz brothers, did a beautiful job as usual.

2 Responses to “New Kitchen! New Kitchen!”

  1. Wendy Larson says:

    Looks fabulous Annie!!!! I’m sure all of your future visitors will love it.

  2. admin says:

    thanks, Wendy. Yes, the guests especially comment on the custom deco “seashell” tiles in the splash. Me, too.
    And somehow there’s both more counter space and more passage space between the counters, than there used to be. Turned out well, I must say!

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