New all-electric car!

My new Mitsubishi i-Car is so cute!  It handles beautifully and has lots of pep, even on the freeway!  It’s all-electric. No gas, no pollution.  It won’t go very far (about 60 mile range), so I’m keeping my faithful Subaru wagon.  Within a couple of weeks, it will sport this graphic to advertise the cottage.  More photos soon!  I can’t wait.  (there’s no orange stripe between the doors – that was just to see where the break would come in the design process.)  My old friend Lari Power did the beautiful graphic.

4 Responses to “New all-electric car!”

  1. julie stevens says:

    so proud of you Momma! Love your new car!!! What a fabulous way to promote your B and B and a healthy environment for the future!

  2. Your vacation rental looks wonderful! Congratulations on your recent acquisition…. I so much would like to get an all-electric car for getting around Seattle.


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