My Recent Trip to the Other Side of the World




Maybe it’s because I was gone most of April. But I have NEVER seen such an outrageous spring as this year in the Northwest!



outdoor Buddha

Few Western travelers have visited Bhutan or Myanmar (formerly Burma).  I usually choose the road less traveled.  In April, 2015, I was fortunate to visit both.  My friend Karla took good care of the cottage guests while I was gone.

It was hard to winnow down my snapshots to this number.   If you want to see the full-size, full-frame version, double click on a picture.   I hope you enjoy them!

Both countries are devoutly Buddhist – they believe in reincarnation and human kindness.  Bhutan has a proud and colorful history, full of legendary heroes flying in from Tibet on the backs of female tigers who later become their consorts.  The government is a progressive, benevolent monarchy, respected by the people.  They also respect religion, their unique history, their family, and the community.  This first batch of photos is from Bhutan.


Myanmar has a sad history of invasion and occupation – most recently by their own military – but I’m impressed by the resilience and fortitude of the people there.