My other summer trip, to Costa Rica

I have been blessed with 5 grandchildren, and the 6th is almost here!  My big idea is to take each kid individually on an important trip – ideally, to a less-developed country where skins are not white, English is not the native language, and the dollar is not the local currency.  Last summer was my 3rd “Nonnie Trip” – this time with 13-year-old Logan to Costa Rica.  We had a blast.

It’s a beautiful country, and Costa Ricans are justly proud of it and of their progressive program to preserve wild spaces – >30% of the country is national parks.  We saw jungle habitat; both oceans; wildlife in trees, jungles, beaches and rivers; an active volcano; and each other – but not much local culture.  I was hoping Logan, who is a soccer star, could mingle with some village boys and join a pick-up game, but that didn’t happen.  With an inter-generational tour group of 31, it was not too likely.  But  it was still a wonderful trip.  I did my first zipline – whoo-hoo! – and Logan made some good friends.

Here are some photos from Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!  (that means life is good)

In case anyone’s wondering what happens to the cottage while I’m away for weeks at a time, there are two couples, friends from other parts of the country who like spending time in this area. They come and live in my home and manage the cottage (not all four at once – either George and Catie OR Don and Karla).  Since guests cook for themselves, it’s not a lot of work to make sure the cleaning lady does her job, the hot tub is ready, and the cupboards and fridge are stocked with all the breakfast ingredients that I always provide.  These good folks are on call 24/7  (or “on-knock” – come down and knock on the door if you need anything), and guests have given them good reviews for helpfulness.