Eagle Landing Steps

eagle landing steps from the water

Here in Burien, we’re blessed with two spectacular saltwater parks.  Seahurst, the older one, offers generous parking, forest trails and beaches, and wide areas for playing and picnicking.  There’s even an environmental learning center.  Our new park, Eagle Landing Steps, is new and really unique.  Practically vertical, it’s a sliver of a bluff.

You access the trailhead from a tiny parking lot in a quiet neighborhood 5 minutes up the coast.  The trail winds toward the water for about 1/4 mile, then the steps begin – all 280 of them! – zigzagging down to the beach.  Built of strong galvanized steel bolted into monumental concrete pillars, the endless flights of steps float just above the pristine vegetation – salal, sword ferns, snowberries, and wild azaleas  about to bloom.  Alders and conifers stand guard above.  After about 3 trips up and down those steps, I’ve had a good workout!  Beats going to the gym, say I!