Charming New Bathroom + More Closet Space

I had always been a bit sheepish about the bathroom in the cottage.  It was small, dark.  No counter space.  Tiny fiberglass shower.  Definitely less-nice than the rest of the cottage.  So this winter I splurged and totally remodeled it. Now it seems much bigger and nicer. (if you want to enlarge one of the photos, just click on it.)

In addition to a new “Solatube” – skylight – the bathroom now miraculously features a spacious tile countertop, lovely custom vanity cabinet, bigger shower with tile to the ceiling, a glamorous heavy glass door, and a tile floor.  And best of all, a charming tile accent strip that looks like beach pebbles!IMG_3545

There is also now a second wardrobe closet.  I’m hoping to morph the cottage into longer stays, and the storage was  inadequate before.  IMG_3543Now, between the added closet, 2 new cabinet pieces in the living area, and a “Captain’s Bed” with 12 spacious drawers beneath – guests can comfortably stay longer than a month!

Something else new:  solar panels on the roof.  Hopefully, come sunnier weather, they will produce lots of clean energy to shrink my carbon footprint even more.