A quiet summer morning at Soundview

A quiet morning at SoundviewThis setting is so quiet and serene – and cool, due to the tall trees and the proximity to the water.  There’s usually a little breeze off the Sound.  My guests from Texas and Florida are amazed at how comfortable our summers are in the Northwest.

This is part of the view from the cottage’s private deck.  Most of the water view is in the other direction. The house you see is where I live, about 40 feet away (the cottage is BEHIND the camera).  The hot tub is nestled on the deck.

I’ve considered solar heating panels on my roof, but the trees shade the roof, so there’s not enough steady sunlight to make that practical.  Instead, last year I changed the heating/cooling system in the cottage to a ductless heat pump system (with AC) and replaced the old hot tub with a new, more efficient one.  My energy use is down 40%!!!  And the eagle family who owns the nest high in that middle tree are still happy.